Bladder Disorders


how can i help you?

Do you wet yourself when you cough or sneeze? Are you scared you’re going to pee when you exercise? Are you fed up rushing and dashing to the toilet and always being on the lookout for a loo?
Is your bladder holding you back from living the life you want to live?
I can help you to ditch the liners and not be worrying about that tell-tale odour! I can help you feel confident enough to sign up for that couch to 5k group! Don’t let your bladder be in control anymore, ring me today for a consultation.


My bladder problems controlled my life for so many years and I had given up that anything could be done. But since I have attended for physio treatment, things have improved beyond belief. I can lead a normal life again. It’s not an easy process, but Lorraine was very patient and explained things in a way that I understood. Her encouragement and instruction made all the difference.

Happy Client