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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can treat the issues you have “down below”, be it with your bladder or bowel control, pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain to name a few. You can have relief and freedom from your pelvic floor symptoms, you can have control again and get back to being you!

Bladder Disorders

Do you wet yourself when you cough or sneeze? Are you scared you’re going to pee when you exercise? Are you fed up rushing and dashing to the toilet and always being on the lookout for a loo? Is your bladder holding you back from living the life you want to live? I can help you to ditch the liners and not be worrying about that tell-tale odour! I can help you feel confident enough to sign up for that couch to 5k group! Don’t let your bladder be in control anymore, ring me today for a consultation.

Bowel Disorders

Is straining to move your bowels and pain part of your day to day? Are you embarrassed by stains on your clothes? Worried about the smell? Conscious of passing wind at inappropriate times like a business meeting or coffee morning with friends? Colorectal physiotherapy works, so make an appointment for a consultation with me to talk through the various treatment approaches to a healthy, happy bowel.

Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP)

Are you emotionally and mentally drained from chronic pelvic pain? Unable to work, socialise or exercise the way you want? Women in my clinic often talk of how it’s negatively affecting their relationship and their sense of self. It can be a lonely and overwhelming time. What if I could offer you a solution that would mean you wouldn’t just have to cope with pain, but actually move past it and have the pain-free life you want again? Contact me to discuss your pelvic pain complaint and to make a consultation.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Severe crippling pain is far from the glowing and vibrant expectation we have for pregnancy but it’s a common reality. Pain every time you turn in bed, pain every time you stand up, pain with every step.. Well I encourage you to take the first step towards getting yourself pain-free and moving better and enjoying your pregnancy journey again by making a consultation with me. Physiotherapy can help, so seek help with it early. Let me support you in supporting your growing baby bump!

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

You’d never heard of a pelvic organ prolapse before ,right? Yeah, it’s that delightful surprise you eventually find out about after you have a baby that no one really warned you about before. For those of you who still don’t know or aren’t quite sure, Pelvic Organ Prolapse is where your bladder, bowel or womb descend lower in your pelvis due to lack of support and may protrude out through the openings of your pelvis when more severe. Essentially, what’s meant to be up and on the inside drops low or pushes to the outside. It can be an upsetting experience to discover it and the symptoms can range from being uncomfortable to distressing. But help is available. I fit a range of supports for prolapse called pessaries. So trust that you are in good hands and make a consultation.

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I was so concerned at 25 weeks of pregnancy, as I had severe pain in my pelvis, so much so that I could hardly walk or move. But with Lorraine’s help, my pain lessened over a few weeks and then it went away completely, letting my enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy, painfree! I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

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