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You need treatment but you don’t know where is safe to go to while you are pregnant? Settle your mind knowing that I am a physiotherapist with specific training for treating any musculo-skeletal injury in pregnancy.

A consultation with me can not only take care of your pain, but can guide you through your changing exercise needs and instruct you in exercises that can prepare you for your birthing positions. You need to be fit and strong for labour, after all, it is what the name suggests, hard work!

So when back or pelvic pain takes over during pregnancy and pushes you to your limit, physically, mentally and emotionally, then push back! That’s where I come in!

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I can now go out for the day and not worry about whether there will be a toilet nearby, I have a new lease of life. I have confidence in my ability to ‘hold on’ since I strengthened my pelvic floor muscles.

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