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So the baby has arrived, and now it can seem confusing and daunting to know where to start in terms of your recovery. This package is an ideal way to bridge the gap from having your baby to feeling fit enough to return to high impact or demanding exercise.


This package has a range of exercises with VARYING LEVELS OF CHALLENGE so you can choose the intensity of exercise that feels right for you! This package focuses on recovery for your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, hugely important after the pressures of pregnancy and labor. There is a section to teach you how to CORRECTLY CONTRACT YOUR PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES and there are exercises focusing on progressively building strength in your abdominal muscles. There is also an upper body section to counteract the postural strain that tends to build during pregnancy and from nursing and feeding.


‘Core strengthening’ can be such a confusing topic especially if you have tummy muscle seperation (diastasis rectus) or you’ve just had a C-section. What’s safe to do? Now you can benefit from my expertise and SEE THE RESULTS as you progressively strengthen your tummy muscles with this targeted package.

Keep Motivated

There are information segments on pelvic floor exercises, diastasis recti and C Section scar tissue mobilisation among other topics. Between the PRE-RECORDED INFORMATION SEGMENTS and LIVE WEEKLY Q&A, you’ll feel better informed and supported during this postnatal time.

Not only will you feel fitter and stronger, you’ll learn how to exercise in a way that minimises pressure and stress on your separation or scar. You’ll learn to connect your pelvic floor contraction with your abdominal muscles, and coordinate this with an optimal breathing pattern for best results. With so many exercises to choose from, with varying levels of intensity, you’ll find what’s right for you.

Keep motivated and build your strength from the inside out with live weekly workouts! The exercises are LOW IMPACT and LIGHT INTENSITY for your pelvic floor and core which is ideal for this postnatal period. And of course, do these exercises from the comfort of your own home, with minimal equipment needed!

The pre-recorded exercise section breaks down the exercises into several categories targeting your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, upper body, hips, back and pelvis so you can focus on exactly what you want.


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