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Fab Abs

20.00 for 1 month

‘Core strengthening’ can be such a confusing topic especially if you have tummy muscle seperation (diastasis rectus) after having a baby, or you’ve just had a C-section or any kind of abdominal surgery. What’s safe to do? Now you can benefit from my expertise and see the results as you progressively strengthen your tummy muscles with this targeted package.


Not only will you feel fitter and stronger, you’ll learn how to exercise in a way that minimises pressure and stress on your seperation or scar. You’ll learn to connect your pelvic floor with your abdominal muscles, and coordinate this with an optimal breathing pattern for best results. With so many exercises to choose from, with varying levels of intensity, you’ll find what’s right for you.


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I can now go out for the day and not worry about whether there will be a toilet nearby, I have a new lease of life. I have confidence in my ability to ‘hold on’ since I strengthened my pelvic floor muscles.

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