Restoration after Operation

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Restoration after Operation

45.00 for 1 month

Will i damage myself by doing too much too soon? How much is too much?

Too often you have your surgery and are just left to your own devices, lost and confused. Just after you’ve had a big surgery is exactly when you are in most need of appropriate exercise to get you feeling strong and capable again.

Learn to breathe in a way that switches on your core muscles for deep support on the inside. Do exercises that are pelvic floor safe. Do exercises that are relevant to you in your day to day life. We all squat, lunge, bend, reach, push and pull every day, so learn to do these with good form and build up your strength for them in a safe way. Learn to mobilise your scar and feel content to know that you have the most appropriate post-surgical advice.


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I can now go out for the day and not worry about whether there will be a toilet nearby, I have a new lease of life. I have confidence in my ability to ‘hold on’ since I strengthened my pelvic floor muscles.

Happy Client