Don’t squeeze, relax please!

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Don’t squeeze, relax please!

45.00 for 1 month

When you have an overactive pelvic floor and chronic pain, you need to learn to relax these muscles, not contract them.

So many factors can contribute to tension in your pelvic floor and they all need to be addressed, including your posture, your breathing pattern and whether you’re holding tension in surrounding areas like your groin and hips, low back and abdomen.

To fully relieve tension from an overactive pelvic floor, you can’t just focus on the pelvic floor in isolation! This package looks at the big picture to maximise your relief and give you strategies to manage it in the long term.

Through positions of ease, breathing techniques, stretches, pressure point release techniques and more, you’ll learn to free out the restrictions in your pelvic floor and use your breath to relax tension while gently building up your core support in a way that won’t overload your pelvic floor for long term relief.


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My bladder problems controlled my life for so many years and I had given up that anything could be done. But since I have attended for physio treatment, things have improved beyond belief. I can lead a normal life again. It’s not an easy process, but Lorraine was very patient and explained things in a way that I understood. Her encouragement and instruction made all the difference.

Happy Client