Baby on Board – Trimester 1

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Baby on Board – Trimester 1

20.00 for 1 month

Even now that you have your ‘baby on board’, you can still exercise safely with this package specifically for your first trimester!

This package will allow you to start strengthening the key areas that tend to be under pressure as your pregnancy progresses.

You can choose the level you work at, so that you can gently mobilise and stabilise, or you can work that bit harder if you already have a certain level of fitness to focus on maintaining and maximising this fitness in a safe way.


There is a focus in this package on stability exercises for your hips, pelvis and low back.

There is also a section to teach you how to correctly contract and connect with your pelvic floor muscles!


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I was so concerned at 25 weeks of pregnancy, as I had severe pain in my pelvis, so much so that I could hardly walk or move. But with Lorraine’s help, my pain lessened over a few weeks and then it went away completely, letting my enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy, painfree! I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

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