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You will need an exercise mat and a resistance band/loops or both. 

It is useful if you have loops/bands of varying strength so you can choose the intensity that is most suitable for you.

Bands and loops are easily purchased locally and online. 

You can get them here: and

You are advised to wait until 6 weeks to begin exercising with any intensity, however, you can sign up to my postnatal programme before this to access the information videos (which talk through your pelvic floor exercises, C section recovery, management of perineal tears, Diastasis Recti and more) and to access the very light core exercises that you can do very early such as pelvic floor exercises, light intensity abdominal activation and breathing exercises. 

Yes exercise is encouraged and beneficial during your pregnancy, especially the low intensity and no impact exercise within this programme. The focus is on pelvic floor exercises, and core strengthening and mobility exercises. 

Yes you can, and it will help you to strengthen and mobilise to ease your pain. 

There is information about Pelvic Girdle Pain in the programme and exercises suitable if you have it. You can also ask me questions in the weekly live Q&A in the Facebook Group. 

Yes absolutely! I explain to you in video and written format what to do and how to know if you're doing it right, I give you all the 'need to know' info and you can practice with me through the live Facebook group and ask me questions as you go along in the weekly live Q&A in the Facebook group. 


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