Train for Birth with our Pregnancy Package

Whether you have never exercised before in your life or you have an established fitness routine, this programme has something to offer you.

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Train For Birth

I have specific expertise and training to treat you during your pregnancy, so whether it’s pelvic girdle pain or pelvic floor issues, you’re in good hands at Down Below Physio. I want to support you and your bump during your pregnancy with treatment, exercises and strategies that make it easier and pain-free.


Your exercise abilities are changing at this time and I can guide you through the best options for pregnancy exercise and tailor an exercise programme to your needs. It’s important to feel informed going into the birth as well, and I can advise you on everything from perineal massage to birthing positions.


So make sure to take care of yourself and bump! Get in touch to make an appointment. 

What My Clients Say!


"It took about a month of consistent pelvic floor exercises. I noticed a complete difference by the end. I was gradually getting dryer every week. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference, I’m actually completely dry and haven’t looked back"

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    Happy Customer

"I can’t recommend Lorraine highly enough. She was there for me before and after my first pregnancy. She gives the highest level of care in an extremely safe environment. She guides you step by step through everything. Her advice is fantastic and easy to follow."

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    Happy Customer

"I would recommend Lorraine to any pregnant/postpartum mama!

I felt at ease knowing Lorraine’s exercises were safe to do during my pregnancy and her exercises helped my pelvic floor greatly"

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