Pelvic Floor Membership Plan

Your pelvic floor muscles need to be strong and toned, but also able to relax and let go. This programme has the best of both worlds, all you need to improve your pelvic floor. 

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Strengthen and relax your pelvic floor

For your pelvic floor muscles to work at their best, they need to be strong and able to contract well, but also be able to relax and let go when we need them to. 


This programme helps you to master an effective pelvic floor contraction and build strength with confidence, but also helps you tune in to releasing tension as well, which is just as important. 


The STRENGTH SECTION section of the programme is ideal if your pelvic floor is weak, if you leak or if you have a prolapse and you want to strengthen and improve your control.

Do you struggle with the ‘HOW TO’? The practical element of how do I contract my pelvic floor muscles, how do I know if I’m doing it correctly, how many do I do, how often, how soon will I see results?

Do you struggle to stay consistent and motivated? Forget to do your pelvic floor exercises?

This package gives you the INFORMATION you need to know what you’re doing and is the STRUCTURE you need to get a consistent routine established.

I provide you with my top tips and a planner which you can download and use to stay focused and GET THE RESULTS you want!


This section  is ideal if you have an overactive pelvic floor and chronic pain, you need to learn to RELAX your pelvic floor muscles, NOT CONTRACT them.

Your pelvic floor muscles need to be able to relax and let go just as much as they need to have good tone and be supportive. Chronic tension gives rise to symptoms such as painful sex, irritable bladder with urge and frequency, constipation, pelvic pain and spasms, and more.

So many factors can contribute to tension in your pelvic floor and they all need to be addressed, including your posture, your breathing pattern and whether you’re holding tension in surrounding areas like your groin and hips, low back and abdomen.

Through positions of ease, breathing techniques, stretches, pressure point release techniques and more, you’ll learn to free out the restrictions in your pelvic floor and use your breath to relax tension.

This programme looks at the big picture and gives you strategies to MAXIMISE YOUR RELIEF in the long term.

What My Clients Say!


"It took about a month of consistent pelvic floor exercises. I noticed a complete difference by the end. I was gradually getting dryer every week. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference, I’m actually completely dry and haven’t looked back"

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    Happy Customer

"I can’t recommend Lorraine highly enough. She guides you step by step through everything. Her advice is fantastic and easy to follow"

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    Happy Customer

"I could not be happier right now, I’m sooo happy I decided to do this. And just gutted I didn’t do it months earlier. I feel like I’ve got some sort of my old life back"

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    Happy Customer

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